Red Stag Supper Club

On a recent Sunday morning 3/5ths of the Ritter family ventured to Red Stag Supper Club to enjoy Brunch. Located in Northeast Minneapolis at 509 1st Avenue NE, Red Stag is credited as the first LEED-CI Certified restaurant in Minnesota. Local and Organic are themes of Red Stag’s menu offerings along with an extensive beer and wine list and several specialty cocktails. The environment is warm and welcoming with an expansive bar that blends immediately into the dining area.

With no reservation we were seated at the bar to await a table, this provided opportunity to order the Hail Mary, (spiced tomato juice, house-infused jalapeño Ketel One and the owners mothers homemade beef jerky), (yummy) for me and a Mimosa for the Doctor, Kristin! Within 10 minutes we were seated at a table near the kitchen which offered a great view of freshly prepared menu items. We ordered the Lobster Egg Salad Sandwich, Sausage Mushroom Scramble and a Hamburger and shared each amongst the three of us. Lobster with anything is a hit in my world as was this sandwich, the various mushroom types in the scramble were tasty but Barb’s hamburger was the real winner. I often feel that when eating a hamburger you taste everything but the beef, not with this one, it was exceptional! We were pleased with each aspect of our first encounter at Red Stag, the dinner menu looks exceptional and we are committed to venture back in force (5/5ths) very soon. Try it, you will certainly like it!

Menu | Website

Where: 509 1st avenue NE | NE Minneapolis
When: Monday – Friday: 11am – 2am, Saturday – Sunday: 9am – 2am
Cuisine: American
What to Have: Lobster egg salad sandwich, Scrabmle and Hamburger
Cost: Hors d’oeuvres – $1.50 $3.25 (30 piece min.); Brunch – $3.50 – $16;
             Lunch – $4 – $16; Dinner – $4 – $38

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

As an advocate of hoppy IPA’s I was pleased to discover another fine beverage from Pyramid Breweries,  THUNDERHEAD it’s described on their website as follows: Our hop heaping IPA is a golden nectar garnering thunderous reviews. Its floral aroma strikes a harmonious blend between a sweet malt flavor and bold hop bitterness. Enjoy this thirst quenching adventure!

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