The Blue Door Pub

Difficult parking and a cold and crowded interior are a few minor complications you should look past in exchange for a meal at The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul. Dining here is an experience you will talk about with friends and family for a very long time. The few tables are always full, the staff is friendly and the food is fun and plentiful. The Blue Door doesn’t have your run-of-the-mill menu and the appetizers are no exception. A handful of them include Spam Bites, Beer Battered Green Beans, Deep Fried Pickles and Latin Kisses which are Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. On my first visit to The Blue Door Pub I chose the pickles, kisses and a Breakfast Blucy. The Breakfast Blucy is a ½ pound of Angus Beef stuffed with Cheddar cheese, grilled medium and topped with thick cut bacon and a fried egg. It was massive and full of great flavor. The pickles were addictive and the jalapenos my favorite. When your plate is clear and you think you can’t eat another morsel you won’t believe what’s next. Pie Bites in flavors of Key Lime, Chocolate Covered Toffee Crunch, or New York Style are on the menu and you can’t leave without ordering them. These desserts made from scratch are coated with a graham cracker crust, deep fried, topped with powdered sugar and served with strawberry and chocolate dipping sauces on the side. As the website says, it’s the “Best dessert this side of the State Fair!”

So for those of you who enjoy the non traditional dining try a Blucy! In addition to the ten regular Blucy’s on the menu they boast a B.O.M., the “Burger of the Moment.” Currently the B.O.M. offers two options, The Pastrami-licious and the Benny Blucy. The menu offerings also include three salads and chicken wraps for calorie conscious or non burger diners and a kid’s meal section.

Blue Door Pub  | 1811 Selby Avenue | St, Paul, MN


Bill’s Beverage of the Month

While waiting for a table at The Blue Door Pub, I enjoyed my favorite beer from a great local company, Surly Brewing Co. “Furious”. Furious is a year round beer of Surly and as with all Surly beers it is available either on tap or in a one pint can. Furious is defined as an American India Pale Ale with an IBU rating of 99 which means it is furiously bitter, enjoy!

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