Northeast Social

13th Avenue NE in Minneapolis has a lot going on, especially if you’re walking the block between University and 4th Street. On one corner it starts with the 331 Club, a place well known for cheap beer and good live entertainment. A few steps down you’re in front of the Modern Café where the food is “All you can eat for as much as it costs.” And if a show is what you’re in for you will also find the richly historic Ritz Theater. My favorite part of this entire stretch of concrete though is the restaurant, Northeast Social. As proclaimed on their website, Northeast Social is located in the heart of the art district in Northeast Minneapolis and is an American contemporary style restaurant with a farm-to-fork agenda.

I often marvel at how wonderful great food can be when balanced perfectly with a comfortable environment, great service and the company you keep. And with that being said, I recently enjoyed a fantastic lunch there with Dr. Kristin Ritter, my youngest daughter. We enjoyed a light lunch though it was certainly not light on flavor. We shared entrees of scallops with English Pea Gnocchi and Muscles in Jalapeno Tomato Water with Bread. Both were incredibly savory and not something you see on every menu in the metro. One trip the Northeast Social is not enough and their minimalist menu offerings are actually a nice approach, (simple and spectacular)! A word of caution, the AC is older so doesn’t work the best, and with the 120 degree heat index we experienced this week you may be tempted to indulge in a cold one or two!

Northeast Social  | 359 13th Avenue Northeast | Minneapolis, MN


Bill’s Beverage of the Month
My wife recently got a new bike so the two of us took a leisurely trip along the St. Croix to break it in. On our way back home we made a pit stop at the Sail Away Cafe in Afton and recharged with a cold refreshment. I had the Full Sail India Pale Ale from the Full Sail Brewing Co out of Hood River, Oregon. It is a full flavor ale with a light citrus taste to it so it really hit the spot while lounging on the patio. Nothing better than a bike ride and beers on a beautiful day!


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