Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge

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October’s review is less about the food and all about the fun! On a recent Saturday this fall (a beautiful and rare 85 degree fall day) my son-in-law Mike and I made a pit stop mid-way through our 20 mile urban bike ride. Where else but Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge? In the former home of Gabby’s, in what looks like a retirement home for the elderly, is one of the wackiest and most fun hot spots in the Twin Cities. Located at 1900 Marshall Street Northeast and on the Mississippi River, Psycho Suzi’s brings the islands to the Nordeast bar scene. A great tacky décor indoors and an amazing patio on the river make you believe you are anywhere else other than in urban Minneapolis. If this wasn’t enough, at 5 pm on the weekends “The Bars in Shangri-La” open up. Those would be the Shrunken Head, Forbidden Cove and the Ports of Pleasure. Psycho Suzi’s offers separate food and beverage menus for each bar, all equally diverse and entertaining. A word of advice from me would be to focus on the food before you hit the Tiki Drinks (unless you arrived by non-motorized vehicle as I did).

We chose appetizer selections from the “Pu-Pu for you” menu which states, “Literally, all of our luscious and calorie free appetizers are made one at a time by the hands of fair Minnesota maidens… who sing tiki songs and repair cars and of course, cook.” Our starters included the Dry Rub Wings, Peggy’s Deviled Eggs, and Brown Sugar Babies – all perfect bar food fare made just the right way. We added a build your own pizza of pepperoni and mushroom on the standard crust. I am very much into great pizza and this one did not disappoint. To me the key is the crust and the sauce and Psycho Suzi’s got these two perfect. This ended our dining experience but rest assured the food menu is extensive, offering Burgers with Tots,
Hot and Cold Sandwiches, Soups, Working Man Meals, Salads, World Famous Minneapolis Pizzas and Desserts. I’m telling you this place is fun, fun, fun!!

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge | 1900 Marshall Street Northeast| Minneapolis, MN


Bill’s Beverage of the Month
I’ll admit it. I did not try the beverage of the month. But considering this one shares my name I figured it must be great. The “One Eyed Willy” on the Psycho Suzi drink menu looks to be a potent combination of rums and fruit juices which will have you seeing double out of your one eye before the night is over. Next to all of the drinks on the menu is a dancing cartoon character to indicate its strength; and the One Eyed Willy on a scale of Not Naughty, Medium and Strong, is listed as Strong. You can also purchase the $5.00 mug your drink comes in. Each of their cocktails has its own unique mug and owning all of them would be quite an accomplishment! If you like to share there are drinks ranging in size from 20 to 54 oz.


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