Tilia Minneapolis

Photo from Tiliampls.com

Linden Hills was originally developed over 130 years ago with lakeside cottages to lure homebuyers away from downtown Minneapolis. Imagine that, Linden Hills was the suburbs! Now it’s a Minneapolis neighborhood that harbors a multitude of dining and shopping options and is also home to November’s review. We chose Tilia for our eating event, located a few blocks to the west of Lake Harriet at 2726 West 43rd Street. Tilia proclaims a simple message, “GOOD FOOD TASTES GOOD.” Never have truer words been spoken.

Armed with a team of 4 we descended upon this small eatery for an early lunch with plans to explore as much of the menu as we had time and space. Soup, salad, sides, appetizers and sandwiches, an effective selection of beverages, and to our surprise, supper selections, are served for lunch. We pretty well covered the appetizer section which Tilia refers to as “It’s nice to share.” Collectively we devoured the Grilled Flat Bread with Oil and Dukka (an African spice blend); Crispy Pork Belly with French Lentils and Apple Chutney; Gravlax with Shallot flying fish roe, butter and black rye; Shrimp with peas, spicy scampi sauce and grilled scallions; and Mussels Espana with smoked tomato, chorizo and pipparas peppers. Between us four we were able to get a healthy sampling of each plate without being too full to explore other areas of the menu. We then followed with four of the five sandwiches offered – Oh that Reuben, Fish Taco Torta, Turkey Burger and BLT Dogs. Although basic, each sandwich was as unique as is Tilia itself. Fresh and crunchy kraut with caraway seed, and delicious corned beef filled the Reuben. The fish was a unique combination of creamy peppadew pepper slaw, cilantro, lime and tortilla chips. The Turkey burger anywhere else is so dry and boring. Tilia’s is perfectly seasoned and includes charred onions and morbier. I ordered the BLT Dogs (two full sized hot dogs to one order) which were stuffed to perfection with thick cut grilled bacon, fresh roma tomatoes, dill pickled cauliflower, mayo and stone ground mustard. We also shared a side of the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts (so savory) and a plate of the Agnolotti Pasta from the Supper menu. Too bad we were stuffed by this point because our track record with this menu was near perfect and there were many items wanting to be tasted. A great excuse to come back for more!

Tilia offers an interesting assortment of items from their menu for in between hours, brunch, dessert, beer and wine. We were pleased with the quality, value, service and timing/presentation of our order. A lot of right and nothing wrong about this place!

Tilia Minneapolis | 2726 West 43rd Street| Minneapolis, MN



Bill’s Beverage of the Month
Surly WET, another delicious brew from a favorite local brewer (do they make anything I don’t like?). Direct from their website, “4,800 lbs of hops picked fresh in Washington and shipped to Minnesota immediately. We brewed this beer three days later. This is a hop-forward beer, dry with subdued malt flavors.”


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