Sea Change Restaurant & Bar

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In the Riverfront District of Minneapolis, and behind the same royal blue walls as the Guthrie Theatre, is the restaurant Sea Change, December’s Ritter Review venue. You would never know you were dining in the shadows of what used to be the world’s largest flour mill as this place is swanky and is run by a chef who holds a prestigious James Beard award. The restaurant prides itself on its use of sustainable seafood and was constructed and is operated in the same environmentally mindful way.

Once seated at Sea Change we were promptly greeted by Gregory, a spectacular server who described, presented and timed the delivery of our selected menu items with absolute perfection. (As a side note – the busyness of Sea Change is heavily dependant on what is being played at the Guthrie so on this particular day we had the restaurant to ourselves. Literally.) We were quick to advise Gregory that the three of us planned to share all selections which the kitchen plated accordingly. We each warmed up with their signature Pumpkin Soup which incorporates apple, shallot, and brown butter topped with ginger cotton candy. The soup is spectacular but the presentation alone is really something to see. Next was the Smoked Salmon with traditional garniture which may sound simple but Sea Change pulls it off better than most. The Lyonaisse salad was rich and tender with potato, whole grain mustard, poached egg, lardons and frisee.

From the sandwiches section we split the Crab Cake BLT, a definite winner, and the Spicy Shrimp Sandwich, which was delicious but a little on the salty side for our taste. Our entrée selections were the Bouillabaisse, which if it could be ordered by the gallon I’d be there with a five gallon pail, and the Grilled Arctic Char. The Bouillabaisse is prepared fresh when ordered and incorporates Sea Change’s fresh seafood of the day. On this particular day it was filled with barramundi, arctic char, steelhead, clams and scallops creating a hearty and flavorful stew seasoned to perfection. The crisp skin Arctic Char was grilled and served on a bed of white beans along with artichoke giardiniera. Unfortunately we were reaching the limits of what we could consume by the time we got to this entree and were only able to sample a small but mouth-watering portion. Consequently we had no room for dessert though I’m tempted to go back as they all look incredible! My final take on Sea Change is that they offer a varied and diverse menu in a fine dining atmosphere and is a must for adults who plan to attend an event at the Guthrie. Don’t forget to ask for Gregory!

Sea Change Restaurant & Bar | 806 South 2nd Street at the Guthrie | Minneapolis, MN


Bill’s Beverage of the Month
For this months beverage I’ve selected one of my favorites which won the 2011 World Beer Award for Best Strong Stout in the Americas. The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery out of Oregon is described as, “Black like motor oil. Great nose, gooey caramel, chocolate and vanilla. Dark fruit and boozy at start. Rich dark fruits persist into flavour. Coconut, cherry, oaky, soft mouthfeel.” You almost don’t need to drink it after reading that! Almost…

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