Colette Bar & Bistro

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In January’s review I mentioned one of my all time favorites, the Sofitel, which brought back fond memories of many great experiences over the years. In fact this February I found the time to treat myself, clients and co-workers on three separate occasions.

The Sofitel restaurant is named Colette Bar & Bistro and is located at the NW corner of Interstate 494 and Highway 100 in Bloomington. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or Saturday brunch are all exceptional options at this French cuisine inspired restaurant. Colette provides my favorite combination of events that set the table for “Best of the Best” (great – food, service, ambiance and value). My focus in this review will be my favorite meal, lunch. Although offerings throughout the menu are interesting and varied; my two key items of preference are the 30 Minute Taste of Paris and the Petit Bistro. The Taste of Paris is a thing of beauty, served on a four compartment plate (which reminds me of a TV dinner and really what kid didn’t think those were amazing). Listen to this, choice of appetizer (a crab, tomato and avocado tian with gazpacho dressing, a Colette famous French onion soup, or a tomato and mozzarella “hamburger” with pesto); choice of salad (a salade maison with mixed greens and tarragon dressing, the poached salmon bellevue salad, or a simple Caesar salad); choice of entrée (an aged new York steak au poivre with mashed potato, the quiche Lorraine, or pan seared scallops with truffle mashed potato and mustard sauce); and a mini dessert which, as the menu proclaims, is selected daily by the pastry chef. All of that for $19! Serving sizes of the Taste of Paris are perfect, but for those who wish to conserve check out the Petit Bistro. Your choice of a half sandwich and a cup of soup served with green salad, choice of soup (the soupe du jour, Colette famous French onion soup, or my favorite the chilled gazpacho); choice of sandwich (a roasted turkey and applewood smoked bacon club, a Croque Monsieur on country bread, or an open faced chicken with honey mustard mayonnaise and Brie cheese). The Petite Bistro is a steal at $13! I have enjoyed Colette for over 20 years and promise you it is great, enjoy!!

Colette Bar and Bistro | 5601 West 78th Street | Bloomington, MN


Bill’s Beverage of the Month

In the spirit of this fine French restaurant let me introduce you to a one of a kind cocktail, French 75. Check out Wikipedia for complete details, following is my best recipe:

Photo by Elizabeth Perrin

 • 1 oz gin
 • 1 oz Cointreau
 •  Squeeze of lime
 •  1 sugar cube
 •  Champagne, chilled

Preparation: Place the sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne glass. Place ice in a cocktail shaker add the gin, Cointreau and lime, shake and strain into the champagne glass, and then top the cocktail with champagne. Garnish with lemon peel.

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