Downtowner Woodfire Grill

A favorite of mine for lunch and dinner on St. Paul’s West 7th Street and near the Xcel Energy Center is the Downtowner Woodfire Grill. The Downtowner’s menu items are cooked on an oak fired grill or an oak burning oven. The scents and flavors of this time honored Persian cooking tradition are evident throughout your meal.  I will provide comment on a few menu offerings, but prior to doing so I urge you to consider one of the seven items listed under the Persian Fire Roasted section.  My go to choice would definitely be the Game Hen and a close second would be the Leg of Lamb. It’s specially marinated meat roasted over an open woodfire, served kabob style with grilled vegetables, basmati rice and choice of mixed greens or Caesar salad. While waiting on the kabob select an appetizer, try the Fried Shrimp, Calamari and Vegetables with spicy aioli and lemon or the Roasted Apple, Onions, Pecans and Blue Cheese Pizza, either of these will warm you up for the best kabob ever!  The menu is lengthy with fine dining (Filet of Tenderloin with smoked mushroom compound butter) and casual options (Walleye Filet lightly herb battered and served on a ciabatta roll). But don’t count out the pastas (Linguine with Clams) or the desert selections (Root Beer Float) those are hits too. It’s within walking distance to the X, there is free parking across the street and it’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; so stop in and say “hi” to the owner, Moe!

Downtowner Woodfire Grill | 253 W. 7th Street | St. Paul, MN 55413 Menu 

Bill’s Beverage of the Month


A real hit from our friends in River Falls, WI, Double Bubble Imperial IPA from Rush River Brewing Company.  Formerly a seasonal, Double Bubble is now part of the full time line up and with 100IBU’s it has a permanent location in my beer fridge.  


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