Summer Road Trip to New Ulm

In the spirit of Family, Summer and Fun, July’s review involves an event rather than only a meal and beverage.  New Ulm, MN, 90 miles SW of Minneapolis, was settled by German immigrants and is packed with wonderful people who share the proud history of their town openly and often.  This trip includes something for all family members and in just over 24 hours we made some great memories and met some great people.  First stop on our journey is Nicollet, MN and Schmidt’s Meat Market.  There is nothing like this in the Twin Cities and honestly Schmidt’s is worthy of the drive alone.  With the cooler filled with various types of jerky and summer sausage, we traveled the remaining 16 miles to New Ulm destination: The Holiday Inn.  Who doesn’t remember pool time with the folks at a Holiday Inn?! That was summer vacation in simpler times for many of us growing up.  After check-in we headed to Schell’s Brewery for the $3.00 tour which was guided by Claire on her 45th birthday.  The short tour was followed  by a brief video and a sample of several of Schell’s favorite brews.  We met Claire’s neighbor Jody who was on the tour with family members.  She educated us on a few New Ulm attractions: Herman Monument, the Glockenspiel, Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, Bavarian Blast (July 20-22), and Oktoberfest (first two weekends of November).  We were also fortunate to get her local perspective on New Ulm’s best German restaurant, Veigel’s Kaiserhoff and Bar, and the B&L.  Both are historic and both were a hit with our team of 6 from the cities.  At Veigel’s we started with their signature Kaiserhoff’s Famous Sauerkraut Balls, which the menu describes as “The K’s secret recipe”.  Next, we moved on to Ray’s Salad with a secret dressing. Then came the German Feast Wiener Schnitzel breaded veal with red cabbage, spaetzels and homemade gravy, Smoked Pork Chops, Braised Ribs and BAR-Q-RIBS (the meal that made Kaiserhoff famous). For me it’s the Kaiserhoff German Sampler which included Ribs, Landjaeger, Bratwurst, red cabbage, German potato salad, sauerkraut and bread.  And just in case you were wondering, we finished the Bread Pudding and Apple Strudel. Following dinner and a short (much needed) walk we entered the B&L, and once again we were overwhelmed with the friendliness of the fine people of New Ulm. To our great pleasure both Claire and the neighbors showed and we were able to thank them for the hospitality. We received an invitation to return and offered a toast to Claire for #45.  After an $8.00 cab ride back to the hotel, a swim in the pool, a good night sleep and breakfast at the Holiday Inn we headed back to reality. But before that, one more adventure The Yellow Barn in Jordan, MN, self-proclaimed largest candy store in MN.  There was tons of candy from every memory of your life as well as pastries, smoked meats, honey, maple syrup, hot sauces and salsas.

Nothing is better than time with your family, take a Road Trip and make a memory!! 

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Bill’s Beverage of the Month

From Shell’s Brewing Co.’s Facebook page

This month I just had to pick a Schell’s and here is a new one Shell Shocked Radler.  It’s on tap at the B&L. The first kegs are on their way to the Twin Cities and will be  followed by cans and bottles. A definite summer time hit the Shell Shocked Radler is a light and crisp grapefruit flavored beer that will make the summer heat feel cool. 



2 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip to New Ulm

  1. Had so much fun on this family trip! What a great way to spend a summer weekend. Swimming at the Holiday Inn and the “salad” at dinner might have been my favorite parts of the adventure. Worth another trip back.

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