The Harriet Brasserie

From The Harriet

This month’s review includes another win for the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis with a surprise afterwards.  The Harriet Brasserie  is located at 2724 West 43rd Street, a few blocks from Lake Harriet and adjacent to another favorite, Tilia.  Parking is a challenge so car pool if you are able, otherwise be patient and a spot will open soon.  Its curb side entrance includes a front door patio followed by charming décor and table or bar seating areas.  The Harriet Brasserie serves brunch and dinner seven days each week; we chose their brunch and now see why!

On a beautiful mid-September day, my daughters Jacqueline and Kristin and I enjoyed an assortment of fine food which was served and devoured family style. First course was two soups an Heirloom Tomato with a crouton garnish that tasted wonderful but was overshadowed by one of my favorite soups of all time, the Chilled Corn with lobster, leeks, coconut milk, vanilla and roasted corn.  Second course was the Duck Taco which included duck confit, salsa Diablo, pipian sauce, pickled vegetables, and Cotija on a corn tortilla, the Crab Benedict with a soft poached egg, crab cake, white corn blini, avocado-bacon emulsion and roasted poblano hollandaise, the Ropa Vieja with shredded beef, egg, queso fresco, fried yucca, rice and soffrito, and a Brasserie specialty, Crawfish and Grits with another perfectly soft poached egg, andouille sausage, cheddar grits, vegetable fricassee, radishes and avocado.  Finishing touches were a side of Bacon perfectly prepared followed by the Tres Leches with coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and plain ol’ milk.  Spectacular! 

The Harriet Brasserie exceeded our expectations; the food is exceptional, pricing reasonable, and the service was prompt, knowledgeable and friendly. What could be better… remember the surprise?  Clancey’s Meat and Fish, a short walk from the Brasserie, is heaven. With homemade beef and duck jerky, smoked trout/salmon/scallops, assorted beautiful cuts of beef/lamb/pork, and a variety of sausages/salads/cheeses and handmade sandwiches, you simply cannot go wrong.  Quite a day at The Harriet Brasserie then Clancey’s and you know what’s right up the road… Sebastian Joe’s.  Done!

The Harriet Brasserie | 272 West 43rd Street | Minneapolis, MN 55410 | Menu 

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

Check out this Fractional IPA from Laguitas called Day Time. Who would believe a low ABV in an IPA with great taste, and as the label says just 4.65%?

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