Enjoy the Ride! – Northbound Smokehouse & Town Hall Tap

From northboundbrewpub.com

A favorite hobby of mine is to cycle; I currently have 4 bikes, Mild, Medium, Hot and The Rocket.  Medium is the most ridden as it was on a glorious fall Saturday a few weeks back.  My son-in-law/close friend Mike and I chose a route that would take us from his home in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis to the Town Hall Tap and Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub to sample each establishments craft beers and menu offerings. The Twin Cities is laden with spectacular bike trails and the Grand Rounds around the Lakes allows you to connect to many additional fine trails and restaurants.  First stop, Town Hall Tap (48th and Chicago) the little sister of Town Hall Brewery on Washington Ave for a Brew House Pretzel large and served warm, filled with Jalapeño Cheese and a dipping cup of Nacho Cheese and a pint of one of Town Halls favorites, Masala Mama IPA, a truly great beverage and ranked by Beer Advocate as the 43rd best beer brewed in the US.   Next stop Northbound to enjoy their house smoked goodies and craft brews!  Located in the Oak Building at the corner of 38th St. E and 28th Ave S, Northbound has an indoor bar, dining room seating and a great outdoor patio area.   Our starter was the Smokehouse Platter which included flakey portions of trout, salmon and whitefish dip served with a variety of house smoked cheeses, Beer Battered Mushrooms, Smoked Wings and a Beer Flight which includes their four year-round house beers and two rotating seasonal beers.

From the “Sandwich” section of the menu there is a variety of smoked options, Smoked Egg Salad, Smoked Turkey, Smoked Trout Wrap, Smoked Beef, Smoked Porketta, get the picture? Oh, I almost forgot House Smoked Bacon!  The Tap and Northbound each offer a relaxed neighborhood atmosphere, check ’em out and have some fun!

Here is a trail map for the city of Minneapolis; pick a spot and take a ride!

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

Duvel – Tripel Hop

This month’s beverage hails from Belgium, Duvel’s Tripel Hop is brewed once annually and unlike the traditional Duvel, this version is made by a “dry hopping process”.  The third hop is Citra, cultivated solely in Washington state.  Citra is known to add fresh notes of grapefruit and tropical fruit.  If you can locate two bottles save one it stores well for up to three years!


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