From facebook.com/kabukisushimn

Thanks to Dennis Kim of EVS I was introduced to Korean cuisine a few years ago.  In traditional Korean dining there are no separate courses and there are several side dishes to accompany the meal which is served family style. Korean restaurants are not abundant in the Twin Cities, but tucked into the Golden Triangle of Eden Prairie you will find Kabuki.  I have enjoyed sushi at Kabuki for more than 20 years and fortunately they recently added an authentic Korean menu.  Dennis says it is the best in town and I completely agree.  My favorite lunch items at Kabuki are Mandu which is veggie dumplings pan fried with a dipping sauce,  Haemul Pajun, a pancake with Kimchee, green onion and seafood,  Jap Chae  which is clear potato noodles and vegetables stir fried with beef,  Bul Go Gi, just a plate of marinated meat, your choice chicken, pork or beef, but the main feature to me is Bibim Bob Hot Pot which is vegetables and a fried egg over rice served in a hot stone bowl with beef or tofu.  The beauty of Kabuki is your ability to mix Japanese and Korean into one meal which adds variety and fun.  Kabuki is great for entertaining friends, family and clients.   Korean food offers many people a new food experience and Kabuki provides a dynamic mixture of cuisines, enjoy!

May your holidays be filled with fun and flavor and family!!!

Kabuki | 6534 Flying Cloud Drive | Eden Prairie, MN 55344| Menu

Brown Shugga

From laguintas.com

Beverage of the Month

Another favorite from Lagunitas, Brown Shugga, checkout the description from the brewer: Brown Shugga, how come you taste so good?? Boatloads of pure brown sugar in each batch, that’s how! The rich, roasty and mysteriously drinkable ale might best be described as… irresponsible. It leaves a lot of stories in it’s wake.

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