Republic at 7 Corners

Republic Logo


7 Corners of Minneapolis is an event waiting to happen especially with the likes of Bullwinkle’s Saloon, Town Hall and this month’s review, Republic.

With its massive patio and rated as one of America’s 100 best beer bar’s by Draft Magazine, Republic screams fun.  A favorite feature of Republic is the beer menu and the ability to order Flights (3 eight ounce classes of your choice for $10.00).  My most recent selections were all Steel Toe  – Rainmaker Double Red Ale, Size 7 IPA and Size 11 Double IPA.

I love the food menu too, which is broken down as follows: Daily, Vegetable, Pig, Fish, Cow and Bird, Republic keeps it simple.  That simplicity evolves as you bifurcate each menu section, here are a few examples; Sausages with roasted potatoes and mustard | Grilled Vegetable Plate, seasonal vegetables tossed with balsamic, EVOO and sea salt | Pork and Beans, pork belly, pork shoulder, simmered white beans with bourbon-bacon jam | Walleye Balls with pickled red onions and lemon aioli | 1000 Hills Grass-fed  Burger, with a fried egg and prosciutto | Chicken Wings, buttermilk fried.  Republic also serves a mean brunch which we devoured last Saturday with orders of their Benedict which on this day was Walleye Cakes served with hash browns and homemade ketchup | Chorizo Breakfast Tacos filled with scrambled eggs, roasted potato, chimichurri  and queso fresco | Breakfast Flatbread, the boring one of two offered, Organic scrambled egg, bacon, Widmer aged cheddar and spinach and lastly yes a Bacon Cheeseburger and fries.   A highlight of this visit was the 6 sides of Fischer Farms Bacon we devoured, at 4 pieces of perfectly prepared thick cut per order both the cook and our server smiled.

Republic | 221 Cedar Ave S,  Minneapolis, MN | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

Lagunitas Lucky 13 –  Mondo Large Red Ale

lucky-13_seasonal Mondo


In 2011 and 2012 Lagunitas Lucky 13 had been an ALT.  When the 2013 showed up with a Brunette versus a Blond on the label I was confused and concerned, but all is well.

Notes from the Lagunitas website:  Our favorite Gal has gone back to Red.  While her blond cousin won’t be visiting this Summer, the original is back with her big Amarillo-hopped accent.

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