Samba Taste of Brazil

photo 5

Samba Crew

18 of us, my Colliers business partners and our Broker Assistants, who put up with unreasonable demands throughout the year, traveled to Brazil this week for a Holiday Lunch.  The flight was short from our office in Minnetonka to Main Street in Hopkins, MN.

Enter Samba, Taste of Brazil and a greeting from Gabriel.  I was introduced to Samba by Andy McIntosh earlier this month and was so impressed that I had to return in a big way.

We requested a
Brazilian Feast and were not disappointed! Two appetizers, salad, three entrees and three deserts were selected by Gabriel and his team.   Family style servings were agreed upon and within 10 minutes of our arrival the food began to arrive and continued to be served for 90 minutes.  First up was Mandico Frita, fried Yucca with a dipping sauce similar to thousand island dressing, and Pao de Queijo, cheese bread- round balls of bread stuffed with cheese, the Palmito Salad followed with hearts of palm, greens and tomatoes.

The first Entrée served was From the Grill section of the menu, Picanha, 12oz top sirloin with rice, farofa beans and pico.  Then served in tandem were Moqueca, coconut milk, onions, peppers, tomatoes and rice with shrimp and Feijoada, black bean stew with pork and sausage served with a side plate of rice, farofa and shredded collard greens.  The Desserts were a special finish to a glorious meal, Fried Bananas, Passion Fruit Mousse and Brazilian Carmen Flan.  Most of the 18 came with unknown expectations and all left completely satisfied.

Samba’s menu is extensive with numerous Brazilian specialty offerings, including gourmet pizzas, paellas and sandwiches.  They also host a grocery store of Brazilian delights for the adventurous.

Merry everything and happy always!!

Samba Taste of Brazil | 922 Main Street, Hopkins, MN | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month



 Bourbon County Coffee by Goose Island – Imperial Coffee Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels – 13.4% ABV

Beer Advocate Rated as the 4th best beer in the world and it doesn’t disappoint.

Notes from the brewers website: “Everyday Goose Island smells the wonderful coffee roasting next to our brewery at Chicago’s Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea. This world class roaster puts the same passion and skill into their coffee as Goose Island does with its beer. This excellent stout is made with a different coffee from our friends next door each year. With the change in coffee comes a change in the flavor profile, making each release truly unique from the previous years.”

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