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Libertine – Stuffed Mushrooms

As I was warned and was equally delighted, Libertine (Calhoun Square at West Lake Street and Hennepin Ave) may not please everyone but for a team of seven carnivores it was well received.  Don’t get me wrong there is a PLANTS section to the menu but it’s not your typical salad offerings, no soup and if you want bread it’s a couple of crostini on the charcuterie plate.  Here we go, OYSTERS available Raw, Shots, Charbroiled and Fried, we selected Raw, a dozen each of the East Coast and West Coast.  SHARE | Crispy Pig’s Ears – fried egg, ancho pepper & lime | Tuna Poke Tacos – sesame, seaweed & guajillo salsa | Smoked Salmon – cashew, puffed rice granola & sesame yogurt | Pickled, Raw & Cured – charcuterie, house pickles, tartare, etc.  PLANTS  | Tomato – a selection of heirloom, burrata, roasted peppers, Moroccan spices | Beet – pistachio, whipped feta & mint | Kale – Manchego cream & garlic | Stuffed Mushrooms – spinach & feta.  Here comes the fun part! BEEF – Argentine Short Rib | LAMB – Saddle Chop | PIG – Bacon Chop | CHICKEN – Spatchcocked Chicken.  Feeling a little guilty I added one selection from NOT ANIMAL | Crispy Tofu, charred cauliflower, citrus ponzu & grilled avocado.  I and we actually did eat everything described herein, it was an evening with exceptional friends, fine food and what I neglected to mention one heck of a great Drink Menu.

Best to all in your Holiday Celebrations, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and wishes for Joy, Prosperity and Success  in the New Year!!

Libertine | 3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408  | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month



Lift Bridge Brewing Co, Stillwater, MN | Harvestör™ Fresh Hop | 6.0% ABV | 40 IBUs | American Ale

Another excellent fresh hopped beer that’s a little more local this time. Notes from the Brewery: “Celebrate the hop harvest with this bounty of fresh hopped pale ale. Organic Cascade hops fresh from Hippity Hops Farms in Forest Lake, MN impart this beer with its unique hop character, while aromatic and caramel malts hold things down in the back, creating a balanced beer that celebrates the hop harvest without sacrificing your tongue. Pairs well with bluegrass music that’s created by the volunteers who pick the hops.”

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