Haute Dish

Haute Dish - PIG

Haute Dish PIG

Brunch can be boring and basic, but not at Haute Dish where it’s SO much more. My wonderful daughter and her beau persuaded me to join them and a few other family members at Haute Dish. As I approached the entrance, I took notice of the Sliced PIG on the front window and immediately smiled. This was going to be good…  And so we began with an order from the BLOODIES section of the menu, I choose the Classic – tomato, Worcestershire, tobacco, salt n’ pepper, horseradish topped by the massive “Chef Skewer” (salami, cheese, a variety of pickled veggies and a chicken wing).  Bacon at Haute Dish abounds as noted on their menu’s three food categories NIBBLES, PLEASE SHARE and YOUR FAVORITE PLATES…  And so we dove in deeper, NIBBLES first, BACON + EGG on a stick , a hard-boiled egg covered in hollandaise topped with a pork belly thick slice of bacon | CARAMEL ROLL, pecan and mascarpone | WARM PRETZEL ROLL, jalapeno cheese whiz.

Full at this point primarily from the over the top but delicious Bloody and its skewer we moved to PLEASE SHARE with CHAR CUTS OF THE MOMENT, a.m. inspired cold cuts | EGG SALAD TOAST, lox, dill, trout roe, and potato chips | BACON + EGG FRIED RICE, baby corn, ginger, broccoli, scallion. And then finally rounded out our brunch odyssey with some of YOUR FAVORITE PLATES including ROPA VIEJA, beef brisket, sweet potato hash, avocado and pico de gallo | REUBEN BENEDICT, corned beef, charred cabbage, pumpernickel muffin topped by 1000 island hollandaise | PUMPKIN BREAD PUDDING FRENCH TOAST, craisin, apple, pepitas, nutmeg and whipped cream | BRUNCH BURGER, bacon jam, sunny egg, on an English muffin.

There were many other offerings we viewed coming out of from the kitchen that will be reserved for our next visit, with the delicious looking CHICKEN AND WAFFLES at the top of our list. Haute Dish was a wonderful experience for me from the BACON + EGG FRIED RICE as a gift from our server who witnessed our ordering frenzy to the quality time spent with family. Brunch here was anything but boring!

Haute Dish | 119 Washington Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401 | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month


From sierranevada.com

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chino, CA |  2015 Beer Camp Hoppy Lager | 7.0% ABV | 55 IBU| Lager

Notes from Sierra Nevada about the Beer Camp Series and the Hoppy Lager: “Beer Camp is the ultimate brewing experience. We bring beer fans into our brewery nearly every week to create their own beer with us—the more daring the better—and each spring we’ll highlight one of the small-batch standouts. Last year, Beer Camp worked overtime. Along with our fan brews, we made 12 additional beers with 12 exceptional breweries. Choosing one for an encore wasn’t easy. Ever drawn to hops, we decided to reimagine our hoppy lager collaboration with Ballast Point.”

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