Paddy Shack at the Half Time Rec

Paddy Shack Door

Paddy Shack Door

A few years back I happened upon The 1029 Bar in NE Mpls and found that The Smack Shack operated its kitchen to the tune of an amazing Lobster Roll, Bacon Mac and Leg of Lamb Sandwich.  In 2013 their success at the 1029 led to opening Smack Shack in the North Loop with a utopia of seafood offerings.  And now I follow their path to Paddy Shack at the Half Time Rec at 1013 Front Avenue in St. Paul.  As with The 1029 Bar, the Half Time Rec is a neighborhood dive bar with personality and real good food.  Paddy Shack is an Irish Food bar with a twist, offering the expected with a creative blend of fine dining/bar food.  Following is from our order of a first round lunch at Paddy Shack. A few WEE BITES to start, Rueben Stuffed Jalapenos with paddy sauce | Guinness Cheese Toast with fried egg, tomato and ham (I would go to PS only for this, it’s magnificent) and Boxty which is a fully loaded potato cake baked in a small cast iron pan.  FROM THE CHIPPER an order of the Beer Cheese and Green Chili ChipsSIDES of Mushy Peas, Creamed Kale and Brown Bread & Kerrygold Butter.  More substantial dishes followed, a REC DOG all of which are quarter pound all beef dog’s wrapped with bacon (nothing wrong with that), The Daddy Dave adds whiskey beans, onions, tatos and mustard. PLATES & PIES, Beer Cheese Mac with bacon and popcorn.  ON BREAD & TOASTPaddy Shack Burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions & paddy sauce | Paddy Melt, blue cheese, bacon , red onion on rye | Dublin Lawyer Roll, lobster, whiskey, butter and cream. And what we didn’t have but wished we would have, were the Fish & Chips, offered with cod, walleye or shrimp and The Half Time Burger, an immense portion with two paddy’s on three slices of toast (also, check out the Pies!).  Kelsey many thanks for your menu recommendations, fun attitude and great service!

Paddy Shack at the Half Time Rec | 1013 Front Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103 | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

Indeed Brewing Company,  Minneapolis, MN |  Mexican Honey Imperial Lager | 8.0% ABV | Imperial Lager



Try this seasonal offering in 16 oz cans now available from Indeed! Notes from the brewery: “Humming with a citrus and floral fiesta for the senses, MEXICAN HONEY Imperial Lager is brewed with Mexican orange blossom honey and Amarillo hops. Refreshing and dangerously smooth, this award-winning cerveza is all buzz, no bite.”

2 thoughts on “Paddy Shack at the Half Time Rec

    • I did a full building tour including downstairs. We didn’t partake in bocce ball but it looked to be a blast!

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