Surly Beer Hall


Surly Beer Hall

As you may have guessed by the beverage segment of my reviews I am a total beer geek and proud of it!  To that end, this month’s featured restaurant is the recently opened Surly Beer Hall.  Tucked in an industrial corridor off of University Ave, Surly will amaze you.  The facility is visually imposing as well as inviting with extensive parking, a massive fire pit and soon to open patio. Passing Surly’s retail gift center and full height glass walls that tell the story of how they produce an amazing array of fine beverages you naturally gravitate towards the Beer Hall. The Hall’s abundant bench tables can accommodate large groups, and the bar seating area is expansive.  Behind the bar is a large sign illustrating the daily beer options, 19 at my last visit.  I am totally in my element; then I check out the menu and am thinking are you kidding me, this Beer Hall is an equally impressive restaurant too!

Following are a few of my suggestions: CHARCUTERIEGo for the Board, which includes samples of the other four offerings Red Table Extra Dry Salami, Rabbit Rillette, Braunschweiger, Pheasant Terrine accompanied by baguette, red onion, pickles, mustard and more.  SNACKS, Pretzel pimento cheese, spicy ale mustard | Cheese Board varied assorted cheeses, candied nuts, honeycomb | Hog Frites smoked meat, pepper jack fondue, giardiniera (this is must try!) and Pizza with fennel sausage, onion and manzanilla olives. MEAT, Surly Burger with american cheese, lettuce, fancy sauce and fries | Enchiladas with smoked pork, salsa puya, cotija cheese | Fried Chicken with fries, coleslaw.  FISH & SHELLFISH,  Shrimp & Grits with gulf shrimp, creamy grits, creole sauce (another must try and my personal favorite).  BBQ & SUCH this is where it gets fun, just smoked meat with or without sides and a great table sampler, your choice of Polish Sausage, Pulled Pork Shoulder or Sliced Brisket.  SIDES & EXTRAS there are several offered as is and finally DESSERT but honestly at this point I can’t do anymore!!!!

Someone said it and in this case I agree “Come for the beer, stay for the food”.

Surly Beer Hall | 520 Malcom Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month



Surly Brewing Co,  Minneapolis, MN |  Surly Mole Smoke | 8.8% ABV | Smoke Lager Variation

Notes from the Brewery, “Mole Smoke, a variation on our Smoke Lager, is aged on cocoa nibs & puya chili peppers. It brings a subtle campfire smoke mixed with warm cocoa notes and surrounds them with a distinctive heat from the chili peppers.”


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