Lela – Bloomington

For more than 20 years I have appreciated the wonderful breakfast and lunch fare of Colette Bar & Bistro located in the Sofitel at France and I-494 in Bloomington.  In 2013 Starwood Hotels acquired Sofitel with intentions to brand it as a Sheraton.  No worries Colette endeavored, same chef, servers and menu, all is good!  This ended earlier this year as Sheraton embarked on a major remodel which included the end of my beloved Collette.  Welcome “Lela” which opened this past week and with enthusiasm I applaud everything.  Lela is beautiful, no expense was spared in this wonderful creation, well done Paul W.

Maiden voyage here it is; Lunch on day two of its opening, perfect everything!

STARTERS Crispy Fried Oysters saffron and fennel  jam, Meyer lemon aioli, trout caviar |  Yellowfin Tuna Unagi Sauce, radishes, avocado, miso aioli, Maldon salt | Peruvian Ceviche lime, cilantro, habaneros, plantains | Hawaiian Opah  lemon gremolata, cucumber, Cyprus Black Salt, parsnip chips.  PASTAS Garganelli  braised wild boar, hazelnuts, radicchio.  SALADS & SANDWICHES Steak Salad  5 oz. NY Strip, bibb lettuce, Gorgozola dulce, onions | Caprese Sandwich mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto | Brie Melt Sandwich apricot jam, truffle butter, sourdough.  DESSERTS Olive Oil Cake rum infused pineapple, orange glaze, buttermilk ice cream | Assortment of Ice Cream & Sorbets lemon basil sorbet.  Prior is a sparse sampling of Lela’s perfected menu offerings, more than 3 of us and dinner versus lunch would have allowed for a greater experience.  I can barely wait for my next visit already on the calendar for early July.  To all, I hope you and your family has a fun filled celebration of our country’s premier holiday (Independence Day), Happy 4th of July!!

Lela | 5601 W 78th Street, Bloomington, MN | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

Lagunitas Petaluma, CA |  CitruSinesis Pale Ale | 7.9% ABV | Pale Ale brewed with natural Blood Orange flavors

Try this addition to the Lagunitas 2015 OneHitter series. Notes from the brewery: “We took some fresh Sanguinello Blood oranges, juiced ’em, concentrated that juice (without heat) and threw it into a wheatier version of our New Dogtown Pale Ale. The end result? A refreshingly hopped pale-ish ale with a huge citrus burst!”

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