Saint Dinette

Saint Dinette has Grocery Valet!

Saint Dinette has Grocery Valet!

Saint Paul’s Lowertown, with Mears Park, The Farmers Market and recently completed CHS Field baseball park, home of the St. Paul Saints, has become a thriving diners paradise.   One of Lowertown’s newcomers is Saint Dinette located in the Rayette Building at East 5th and Wall St. The Rayette has been transformed as has much of Lowertown.  From its beginning as a factory converted to a parking garage and now, carefully restored apartment lofts along with Saint Dinette!

This journey was shared with my wife, Barb, recently engaged daughter, Kristin, and her husband to be, Peter.   Our introduction to Saint Dinette is welcoming with a sidewalk sign labeled Grocery Valet,  meant to accommodate weekend framers market shoppers stash their goods while dining.  The restaurant is bright and open with massive windows providing a pleasant view of the surrounding area.  Once seated we establish a plan to share all that is ordered and advised our server of our selections:  a Pop-Over with butter and bee pollen to whet the appetite is followed by Fried Smelt, remoulade, watercress and lemon | Collard Greens , smoked ham hock and chilis  as well as Corn on the Cob, lobster roe, mayo, cotija, cilantro, and lime (this is crazy great, out of this world!).  We asked our server to provide recommendations of Saint Dinette’s favorites and selected the following: Beef Ceviche, dulce de leche, jicama, and pickled chili |  Bologna sandwich with cheddar and house pickles and Cheese Burger,  cheddar and house pickles (perhaps the best I have ever eaten) and their fries, crinkle cut and served in a tin can.  We just couldn’t stop there; so we also had to try the Enchilada, smoked blue marlin, mole, and cilantro | Ricotta Dumplings, summer squash, calabrian chili, and rosemary and Agnolotti, lobster, chevre, and herbes de provence.  Lastly, we finished with an order of  Churros with cinnamon sugar and cocoa.

Perhaps my favorite of Saint Dinette is the service of its full menu during weekend brunch.   Go to a Saints game or another CHS Field event, walk Lowertown and explore the great food and beverage venues, but make certain to stop at Saint Dinette for corn on the cob, enjoy!!

Saint Dinette | 261 East 5th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101 | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month 



Indeed Brewing Company | Berryswell | 5.0% ABV | Blueberry Mosaic Pale Ale

It’s only available on tap from late summer to early fall, but if you find it definitely give it a try. Notes from the brewery: “Here to help you soak in the dog days of summer, it’s Berryswell Blueberry Mosaic Pale Ale, a sessionable, single-hopped offering with a light crisp malt bill, blueberry puree, and the fruity, tropical, and piney aromas and flavors of Mosaic hops.”

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