Although much later than we anticipated (“Big Deal Neil”, “Jowen” and I had been planning a 2015 Holiday Lunch since Thanksgiving), Revival was worth the wait! Just this week we met at Revival’s front door at 11:00 sharp to garner a premier table at this “first-come, first-serve basis” hopping and very busy restaurant. Soon after being seated the restaurant is standing waiting room only. Next up in a place this hot is ordering, with no time to waste we advised our server that we were ready as water was being set on the table. Within a few minutes the feast had begun. From the appetizers + salads selection we ordered all six apps, no salads: pork rinds, funyon style | pimento cheese and meat plate with homemade slaw and pickles | pickled shrimp and pigs feet (damn, they were out!) | johnnycakes with ham + cheddar, cowpeas, poached egg (this was wonderful) | fried chicken livers, sunflower slaw with Texas toast (spending much time on Grandpa’s chicken farm made this a fond memory for me but my guests weren’t impressed) | fried green tomatoes and pickle sauce.

Thus far our server was impressed and also eager to recommend her view of the must haves. The southern fried chicken 1/2 bird, Tennessee hot and the revival burger, double patty, american cheese, b+b’s add bacon (of course) made her shortlist. Additionally, sides of mac +cheese and hoppin’ john’s accompanied the mains.

The modest table was overwhelmed as we were, the zealous ordering I have become accustomed to was as abundant as it was outstanding!

I swear there was an orchestrated kitchen team with an assembly line of servers filling our table. This place is definitely not a one-and-done, but rather a top priority for an additional dining experience. The dinner menu incorporates entrees, including a favorite of mine, shrimp and grits. Check it out, go early or off hours to avoid the crowd crush!!

Revival | 4257 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55409 | Menu

Bill’s Beverage of the Month

Surly Brewing Co Brooklyn Center, MN | Brett Mikkel’s IPA 

This month’s beer is an interesting combination of an IPA and a Belgium style. Notes from the brewer, “A collaboration between Surly and the traveling Danish brewer Mikkel Bjergsø, this beer takes the concept of an IPA, blends in a variety of new German aroma hop varietals, and ferments them with Brettanomyces, rather than a traditional English ale strain. Light-bodied and dry, the combination of Brett and hop varieties offers complex earthy notes with tropical and candied fruit aromas, while the Honey Malt provides an intense malt sweetness.”

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