World of Beer

world-of-beerOctober took me to less of a great food scene and more so to a terrific, upbeat beer venue that also has good food! World of Beer, located in St. Paul’s Lowertown, boasts a selection of “550+ beers from around the world.”  I have thus-far enjoyed four trips to WOB, accompanied by friends or family, and am still a long way from making a dent in their selection. However, I keep coming back to knock a few more out!

To help with your decision-making process, WOB provides paper menus or an iPad of the various beers, and even more fun is a location-sensitive app.   Simply open the app, select bottles, draft or both and then filter by ABV%, Color, Country or Style to explore your options.


GERMAN PRETZEL – A giant (no really, GIANT) Bavarian Pretzel baked, salted and served with house-made, stone-ground mustard – make sure to ask for the cheese sauce!  CHIMMICHURRI MEATBALLS are Latin-inspired beef and pork meatballs topped with fresh garlic and herb sauce served with arugula salad. Their MAC & CHEESE has a nice twist, made of pasta shells and spiced pepper jack cheese sauce with bacon, topped with herbed bread crumbs. BEER BRINED CRISPY CHICKEN SLIDERS – Chicken breast fried crisp, southern style with dill pickles and IPA sauce.  Go with three STREET TACOS at $11.00 and select one of each: Beer-Battered Shrimp + Sriracha Lime Aioli, Beer Brined Chicken + Ranch and Beef Barbacoa + Sriracha Lime Aioli.  The burgers are an excellent go-to as are the flat breads; at Game Time (Gophers and Vikes) pick up $0.50 chicken wings brined and fried to perfection.

As I started – come for the beer, stay for the beer and please order some food!

I’ve been asked if I eat great food so I can drink beer or if I drink great beer so I can eat food.  It’s one and the same to me!!

World of Beer | 356 North Sibley Street, St. Paul, MN | Menu



Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick, MD | Heat Series, Carolina Reaper | 6.8% ABC | Peach IPA


“This recently-deemed “hottest pepper in the world” has a very slight sweetness that is met with fresh peach and bold juicy fruit hops. Fresh peach and juicy hop notes lure you in…and then the Carolina Reaper heat chews you up and spits you out. Bring out the caramel malt sweetness (and tame the heat) with maple-glazed pecans or cinnamon almonds.”

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